Barbara Follett circa 1934

Welcome to Farksolia! I'm Stefan Cooke—Barbara Follett's half-nephew. The more I read her words, the more enchanted and intrigued I am. I dearly wish I could have met her, but in 1939 she disappeared from her apartment in Brookline, Massachusetts—23 years before I was born.

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A Peek into Barbara Newhall Follett: A Life in Letters

Click here to look inside the book.


Barbara Newhall Follett : A Life in Letters

Finally, it’s here! My big book for Barbara—a 638-page softcover edition and an ebook for Kindles and other devices. Both have over 40 photographs. I’m VERY pleased with the end result!! Read more…


Welcome redux

Farksolia has been getting a lot of traffic due to Lapham Quarterly’s reposting of “Vanishing Act,” which went semi-viral on social media and was picked up by BoingBoing, among other places. To answer a few of the questions I’ve gotten lately …


Silver Magic

On Christmas morn,
Children, first looking from the windows,
See how desolate and bleak the garden is.
Withered the flowers, butterflies flown,
Summer gone from the woods.

48 Kent Street

75 Years Ago Today …

… Barbara vanished from her apartment at 48 Kent Street, Brookline, Massachusetts.

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