Barbara’s 100th birthday

Barbara will turn 100 on March 4th, 2014. In anticipation I’ve written a long post about her with photos on Tumblr. 

My book for Barbara—Wings!—is coming along very well indeed. It’ll be a long book full of her writing with a few notes by me scattered about. I await interest from Alfred A. Knopf, et al. Assuming that no major publisher is interested in such an esoteric book in 2014, I’ll publish it myself. Happy birthday, Barbara!

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  1. Perhaps she’ll suddenly show up to celebrate her 100th! 😉

    I wouldn’t generally joke about something so serious, but it’s been a long time – it’s history now. And, boy, it’d be so interesting to find out what happened to her – but I suspect we will never know.

    I’m eager to see the book, even if you print it yourself! The subject is probably of general interest – the issue might only be that there isn’t a tidy conclusion. Good luck with the selling part…