Noël — A Christmas Song by Barbara, 1925


Last week Ross Carter kindly sent me an audio clip of the melody Barbara composed for her 1925 Christmas card. I had not heard the song played before and it was quite a joy. I decided to loop the mp3 and add Barbara’s lyrics in my appallingly accented French. My apologies to Barbara.


  1. I really like her little melody! She must have been such a charming little girl.

  2. Bonnie Shaljean says:

    That’s a lovely little song, – charming is indeed the word. I don’t see why it couldn’t become popular at Christmas, especially in schools and church choirs looking for new material. Well done, Barbara, and well done Stefan for bringing it to us. (Have you tweeted it? I took a quick look on your Twitter column, but couldn’t see it anywhere. If not, please do so!

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