Mothballs in the Moon: an unpublished story ca. 1934

Although the name of the mountain hut isn’t given in Barbara’s story, she can only be referring to Lakes of the Clouds, which is about an hour’s walk from the summit of New England’s highest peak, Mt. Washington. Oakes Gulf, where “Jo” makes camp, is not far from the hut, to the south-south-east, between today’s Dry River Trail and Davis Path. It is beautiful country.

About Farksolia, part 3

If Earthans went to Farksolia they would be sick; first from breathing the air. This is because the air is so thin that when you breathe naturally too much flows through the nostrils and into the lungs, it flows so freely there. The breathing movements of a Farksolian are hardly noticeable, and there is no swelling and rising of the chest and stomach in a Farksolian, at least not so much. Then you would be sick from looking at the sea and the sunset, you are so unused to the colours. Probably you would be sick from looking at the sky and from tasting the curious foods. But you would be used to it in no time.

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